Moody Church Wedding with Religious Iconography, Burlesque Performers & a Bright Red Dress

Amy Faith Photography

May 13, 2024

Cath and Tony chose their wedding venue, Ullet Road Unitarian Church in Liverpool for the dark gothic vibes and because their home is filled with ironic displays of religious iconography. The dark backdrop was perfect place for their celebration which included a cream Cadillac, a pizza wedding breakfast and an acrobat contorting herself to Metallica songs! They also had burlesque dancer, a lady wearing Prosecco skirt, a jazz singer, loads of neon signs and an arcade game station!

The couple’s inspiration for their wedding came from the stunning church itself, which they fell in love with at first sight. Cath explained, “We just wanted to accentuate what already existed, bringing out as much of what we loved about it without being overpowering. We love music, 1950s and religious artefacts, and generally anything that is a bit more out of the ordinary so we tried to reflect that in our choices.”

Cath walked down the aisle to David Bowie’s Starman, played on the church organ. The couple left the altar to Bowie’s Let’s Dance. During the service, they featured songs from The Beatles, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder. They wrote their own vows and had a candle lighting ceremony.

The performances were a real highlight of the reception, even if the burlesque dancer did nearly give grandad an aneurism! “A real highlight of the day was when our photographer placed two seats on the dancefloor for us to sit and watch the performers, we were made up” Cath recalled. “We both grabbed a pint sat back and chilled out. They were amazing. For the acrobat, we had selected a special song which she completed the most bendy phenomenal act ever!”

The couple decorated the venue themselves the night before, using deep, rich colours and retro-style sweet dispensers filled with Skittles and Jelly Beans for each table. “Getting married to my best mate with our amazing daughter being there was the best part,” Cath concluded. “Our advice to other couples would be to just do your day the way you want it, people will know that it’s a reflection of your relationship and to those that don’t… well, you’re not looking to impress anyone.”