Handmade Pagan Wedding: Lucienne & Peter

Jenny Rutterford Photography

December 22, 2013

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Lucienne and Peter wanted a wedding day that perfectly reflected their own personal style. It was held on Fairoaks Farm in West Sussex and was a laid back day full of fun details. “We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, so that shaped how the whole day felt and how we planned it”, began the bride. “We wanted it to be fun, colourful, relaxed, rustic, in tune with nature and handmade!”

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“We had a Pagan handfasting ritual ceremony which was very much in line with our surroundings and with the place itself. We wanted it to be more inclusive and welcoming than a regular church wedding so the ceremony itself involved our friends and they had parts to play within it. The four bridesmaids called the elemental corners and the groom’s sister carried incense to cleanse the sacred space. It was very much a new but welcoming experience for our guests. We also jumped a besom (broom) at the close of the ceremony, this is a tradition that signifies the couple leaping into their new life together. The photos from this part are breathtaking!”

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The bride designed her own wedding dress alongside JoJo Cusack who made it for her. She wanted something unique, usual and most of something she felt good in. She also made her own headpiece and bouquet, wore jewellery she already owned and did her own hair and make up. Peter’s outfit was also designed by Lucienne and made by JoJo.

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“We planned, designed, made and put together the whole wedding ourselves with help from our close friends”, she continued. “We splashed out in the yurts, purely because we knew were staying on the site and wanted to have some comfort on our wedding night and the night before. However we saved money on all the DIY decorations and by recycling things. We used old jam jars as tealight holders, drinking vessels and for vases.”

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