Rainbow Bright Wedding By The Sea: Kerry & Max

Babb Photo

July 21, 2014

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Kerry and Max’s rainbow wedding was held at Poplar Farm in Sutton on Sea. They wanted to incorporate two of their biggest loves (colour and the sea!) and they did that by staying true to what they wanted and getting crafty and creative with their choices.

“We both love to be outside”, explained Kerry. “We have a ‘kerrified’ caravan (KerryVan) and spend many weekends travelling the UK. We both fell in love with Sutton on Sea after family holidays there. I am rainbow mad and Max is very tolerant of my ways. Max likes things quirky and different but leaves the creativity up to me. We didn’t want one set theme as such we just combine the things we enjoyed, Such as the seaside, rainbows and camping.”

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“Our main aim for the day was for it to be fun. Neither of us do formal particularly well so we opted for a relaxed approach. We incorporated our seaside location by having fish n chips for our dinner and candy floss and popcorn in the evening. We added colour and rainbows wherever possible. I love to make things and be creative so I made and planned as many things myself as possible.”

“I made all of the decorations myself (with a lot of help from friends and family)” she continued. “I think a lot of people were worried about my ideas and I couldn’t describe my vision very well, but I could see it in my head. The day before the wedding everyone pulled together to set up and it was a perfect explosion of colour. I told everyone that this is what the inside of my brain looks like!”

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“My favourite thing about our wedding was the location, being able to soak up the sea breeze with everyone I love. Having our wedding at a seaside location it was important to me that we experienced the beach at some point. So after our fish n chip dinner with mini donuts for pudding we went for a wander on the beach front with ice lollies and champagne. The beach makes me happy and we had such amazing weather. It was beautiful. My oldest friend also devised an old school garage set for the disco. It was amazing and I felt like I was 18 again bouncing around the dance floor!”

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Kerry wore an amazing custom wedding dress from The Couture Company, embellished shoes from Revive Me Boutique and amazing rainbow jewellery by Candy P. “My dress was one of our biggest spends”, she said. “I had always said I’d buy a nice simple and reasonable dress but I attended the EWE Wedding Fair in Birmingham and saw this dress and before trying it or any others on I knew I had to have it!”

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However all of our evening entertainment was donated to us by friends and family which saved us a ton of money. “The band were Max’s Dad’s band which was fantastic. To have people close to us perform at our wedding was really special. The disco was My oldest friends dad’s disco. As kids we would go with him to his disco gigs so it really bought back memories and was very special. We also ran an honesty bar. Our venue didn’t have an alcohol licence so we bought wine and beers and asked people for donations at the bar. Hiring a bar would have cost us £300. We spent about that on alcohol for the evening and got a lot of that back to put towards our honeymoon.”

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