Vibrant Disco DIY Wedding

Ash Groom Photography

March 22, 2024

From the moment Faye and Dan began planning their wedding, they knew it had to be a reflection of their personalities – colourful, sparkly and bursting with energy. Their disco-themed celebration was planned and executed by the couple themselves and they also homemade all the decor… in just three months! The bride even made her own silver tinsel jacket which we wore with an ASOS dress and white Dr Marten boots.

“We wanted the day to be one huge party from start to finish and to 100% feel like ourselves on the day”, they said. “We didn’t want anything too uptight or formal. “

With that in mind they opted for a rainbow theme for the decor with a sprinkle of disco balls. They also requested that all their guests wear their most colourful, sparkly and sequined dancing outfits. Everyone got the memo and looked absolutely fabulous!

Another thing that that set Faye and Dan’s wedding apart was all the DIY elements that filled the venue. From designing the invites to creating 100 metres of rainbow bunting from scrap fabric, the couple’s hands-on approach added a personal flair that money can’t buy. “I wanted things I’d made to be part of the day,” she said. “We wanted it to feel personal and also not cost a bomb so there was quite a lot of DIY involved! It takes a lot of organisation and is very time consuming and we only gave ourselves three months to organise everything else once we’d booked the venue! Because we know we are a pair of procrastinators, we hoped that the short time frame would spurn us on, and in some ways it really did. However, things got a bit hectic towards the end and it might have been better to spread things out and give ourselves a litter longer than we did.”

Held at a former brewery turned art gallery, the venue was a nod to the couple’s first meeting in a Leeds pub. The ceremony was a blend of personal and traditional, with Faye walking down the aisle to Patrick Wolf’s Magic Position and the couple exiting to James Brown’s I Feel Good.

The reception in the Tetley’s beer garden was a highlight, with a BBQ buffet, ice cream, cake and doughnuts, and a self-serve keg instead of a traditional wedding cake. The bride and best woman did speeches and as the sun set, the party moved indoors, where a family friend DJ’d and a dress-up booth and glitter station Faye created kept guests entertained.

“The feeling of having everyone we love in a room, all together, was one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced,” Faye reflected. “My advice to other couples would be to try not to compare your wedding to other people’s. It can be so easy to do with lots of images of highly curated weddings online. If is feels too overwhelming, figure out what the top two or three most important things to you are, and just focus on those.”