Paint it Black: A Gothic Bridal Shoot for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine

Devlin Photos

October 30, 2017

As the brand new issue is now available for pre-order, I thought today would be the perfect time to share this photo shoot, which was originally featured in the September/October edition the magazine. Creating the fashion editorials for the magazine is one of my favourite parts of my job. I have a fantastic team of incredible talented babes behind me and we have SO MUCH FUN doing them.

I’ve wanted to do an all-black, gothic bridal shoot for a while, but one that avoided cliches and anything airing on the side of tackiness. I wanted it to feel high end yet achievable, glamorous and gorgeous yet featuring clothing that a real Rock n Roll bride might want to wear. I love how it turned out so I really hope you love it too!

With print of course we can’t always share as many images as I might like (damn not having unlimited pages to play with!) so I’m really happy to be able to share some shots that I really loved, but didn’t quite make the cut.

If you love lace, skulls and black nail polish… If you have a penchant for the dramatic… If you would rather wear a studded choker than pearls and diamonds… If you’d never be seen dead in a white wedding dress…. Then it’s time for you to embrace your inner goth and paint it black!

Just because you’re walking down the aisle, doesn’t mean you have to abandon your gothic heart. A dark, dramatic colour palette can be just as romantic and stunning as a pretty, pale one.

Dress: Lesley de Freitas

Dress: Sophia Kah

Dress: Sophia Kah

Dress: Lesley de Freitas
Veil: McFayden Millinery

Dress: Sharon Bowen-Dryden

Bodysuit: Playful Promises
Veil: McFayden Millinery

Cape and Bodysuit: Playful Promises

This shoot originally appeared in Rock n Roll Bride magazine issue 16, a copy of which you can grab in stores until Wednesday or online right now. Issue 17 is now available for pre-order and goes onto shops on Thursday 2nd November.

DON’T FORGET, you can also get all available back issues (issue 13, 14 & 15) FOR FREE until the end of October. There’s no discount code, just head over to our shop and order away. Enjoy!