An Iconically Rock n Roll Bride Inspired Las Vegas Wedding

Jamie Y Photography

September 1, 2020

A big, fancy wedding was never on the cards for Monya and Erika – it just didn’t appeal to them. So, when they began planning for the February nuptials it was Las Vegas or bust! The chose the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel as the location for their private vows, and hired Jamie Y for a portrait session at the iconic Neon Museum afterwards.

Monya wore a custom black dress made by a friend which had a high-low front, a long train and patches all over the sleeves. Erika’s trouser and vest set were also made by the same friend. They both wore personalised leather jackets made by The Mermaid Effect and with their wedding date and ‘Rock n Roll Wifey’ on the back! Monya even wore a necklace with an engraving saying ‘Rock and Roll Bride, Las Vegas February 29, 2020’ and they both rocked a ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ Rock n Roll Bride x Veronica Dearly pin!

“Our theme was rock ‘n’ roll of course!” they began. “We have always been rock ‘n’ roll at heart and we love Elvis Presley so it seemed normal to do this theme in Vegas! For our engagement announcements we had them made to look like the cover of a record. Inside there was a 45-rpm record with different rock ‘n’ roll songs from American singers from the 60s.”

Although not pictured, 16 of their closest friends and family travelled to 9000km from Switzerland (where they live) to Vegas with them to watch the couple get married. “We had asked for a ceremony with Elvis Presley obviously,” they continued. “He sang three songs that we had chosen: Love me Tender, Viva Las Vegas and It’s Now or Never. The ceremony was perfect and the guests loved it! Monya arrived accompanied by her brother Fabbio and Erika was waiting Monya in front with Elvis. At the end, we took photos in the chapel with Elvis and we went out by a big door where the guests were waiting for us to cheer us on!”

“Our wedding was very special, for us and for our guests”, they concluded. “We got married on the other side of the world and everyone followed us. It was also very memorable for everyone because it was our last moment together, before the Covid-19 pandemic and since then, we have not seen any of the guests … Everyday we talk about the wedding with our friends, and everyone tells us that if we’d waited we would have had to cancel everything. In retrospect its now even more important to us that we got to spend this time with our loved ones. Don’t wait years before you get married! We got married within two years of knowing each other and started talking about it after only a month. To us, if you are happy, the years do not count. We have absolutely no regrets!”