A Fuss-Free COVID Wedding with A Silver Sequin Dress!

Silverbird Photography

April 6, 2021

Getting married during Covid certainly made for unusual circumstances for Ruth and Ricci’s October wedding, but for them, it only made it feel more special. “I love the photos of us and our guests with masks on,” Ruth told us. “It captures how much of an odd year it’s been, but it didn’t stop us from doing what we set out to do.”

In fact the couple were actually glad to have to downsize their original plans for a wedding with 120 people to just 15, as it made the organisation so much easier! “We always wanted a fuss-free wedding, which focused on good food, drinks and not to have to stress over the little things. We wish we’d known from the get-go how much there is to think about! I’d never put much thought into what I wanted my wedding to be like so when I realised all the different things you’re supposed to think about in the process, it was a bit overwhelming, so cutting things back really was a blessing for us.”

Armed with an £8,000 budget, the couple simply picked things that they liked to inform the theme of their day, and hoped for the best! Both Ruth and Ricci steered away from traditional wedding get-ups, with Ruth opting for a metallic silver dress by The Vampire’s Wife as she never imagined herself in a traditional wedding gown, and looks forward to wearing it over and over again.

Their venue wasn’t a traditional wedding venue either – they chose The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle upon Tyne, an art gallery by day which made for a lush backdrop for their intimate, relaxed and not too length ceremony. Their reception was held at the same venue, which they decorated simply with dried flowers and candles in mismatched glass bottles and miniature terrarium tea light holders.

“I felt really really relaxed after the ceremony and, after months of not being able to socialise with family because of the pandemic, it was so lovely to be able to have a few drinks and a nice meal with everyone in one room.”

“Being able to make the day representative of who we are and what we like was my favourite part of wedding planning,” the bride concluded. “I guess the many, many rearranged dates/changing venues etc because of the pandemic wasn’t ideal. However, I feel like it all ended up working out for the best and we had a mint day! I’d advice future couples to do what you want for you, and try not to lose sight of that throughout the planning process.”