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Art Gallery

To The Moon & Back: A Celestial Art Gallery Wedding


Freckled Fox Photo

October 16, 2023

Ashley and Cameron wanted their day to be filled with intentionality and colour. Every detail was curated to fit who they are and their love story. They knew they wanted a winter wedding at the museum where they had their first date. "January 7th (7 is our lucky number) was open which happened to be a full moon in Cancer which is our shared star sign", Ashley began. "We knew we wanted to incorporate similar details into the theme of our day."

Modern Art Gallery Wedding with Food Trucks: Margot & Jared


Our Love is Loud

March 12, 2014

The wedding of Margot and Jared was held at Artwork Network, an art gallery in Denver. The ceremony was officiated by the groom's younger brother, Kyle. But this wasn't the only thing that made their wedding special, unique and personalised. "I think from the minute we started actually thinking about what the wedding would be like, we both just wanted it to be fun", explained Margot. "A party for all of our closest friends and family. As unstuffy as possible. From there the details just fell into place. Food trucks were wayyy cheaper than traditional caterers, we both love pie, we both love whiskey, and we love throwing parties."