No-Fuss, All Disco: Vegas Meets True Romance Wedding Ideas You Will Love!

Jane Decle Photography

March 31, 2021

There’s no denying that Vegas, and Vegas style weddings are vey vey veyyyy popular with Rock n Roll brides. But not everyone can fly over to Sin City for their nuptials, which is why we LOVE this Vegas meets glitz inspired shoot send to us by Toronto based Dream Weaver Events., created in partnership with LoveShackTO.

Event planner and designer Shana told us all about their celebratory shoot. “The inspiration came from LoveShackTO’s break into the industry. Nataleigh had a dream of creating an amazing, pocket-sized rock and roll space where couples who were looking for something more than City Hall but less than all the pomp and circumstance, could go, get married, and have beers after with their best friends. The dream actually came about long before the pandemic hit, and it actually just ended up fitting perfectly with couples needing an option for pint-sized weddings.”

This shoot is for the girl who dreams of marrying their best friend in a meaningful, crazy and fun way while wearing their favourite sparkly dress that didn’t cost thousands. “This shoot differs from what society shows brides, grooms and a wedding should be. It speaks to every couple who has ever felt like they wanted more vibes, less pressure,” Shana says.

“Nataleigh’s favourite movie has always been True Romance, which is where the saying ‘You’re so cool’ came from (featured in our mural). The rest of the theme sort of took off from there. Bright, bold colours, a flashy Vegas style backdrop, and small but meaningful details including a record player, some sage and an alternative stationery suite.”

This almost entirely POC and female team blasted soca, dancehall and rock and roll all day long and the results are incredible! “We are proud of how this came together”, Shana concluded, “and look forward to creating more designs with this same frame of mind that will take us beyond our boundaries.”