Forest Elopement with a Pregnant Bride!

70 Millimeter

July 13, 2018

What struck us most about the beauty of this styled shoot is just how rare it is to see pregnant brides featured in mainstream bridal media – for the most part we’re still being served these virginal images of slim brides dressed in white, and obviously, at Rock n Roll Bride, we ain’t down with that.

Planned or unplanned, finding out you’re going to be pregnant on your wedding day – albeit super exciting! – can also add a whole new level of stresses and emotions to the proceedings, which can only be exasperated when you’re searching for inspiration and finding zilch that’ll fit your circumstances. What will my dress fit like? Should I try to make myself look ‘less pregnant’? do I have to act differently?!

This shoot celebrates capturing an exact moment in time – a concept we believe should be at the forefront of your mind for your own big day. The shoots’ creators – a real-life couple of 15 years – have used decor from their own lives, items with personal value, and items from nature inspired by their life under the stars – to create a beautiful, personal shoot that comes from the heart and represents their own truths.

We hope you use these enchanting images to help calm any pre-wedding pregnancy-related self-consciousness you might have, and remind you that you can absolutely be truest self on your wedding day as a pregnant bride. Repeat after us – your wedding shouldn’t be moulded on someone else’s version of a theme, or what other people expect of you. Nor should it be a projection of your ‘best selves’.

You shouldn’t worry ‘will this element that I like age well?’, or ‘will my photos would look better if I only lost 10 pounds?’ You’re an outstanding human, carrying another human inside of you, and the only thing you’ll feel when you look back at your photos is how lucky you are to be able to have a snapshot from the from this extra-special moment in all of your lives.