Bad Ass Sequinned French Elopement with a Lollipop Bouquet

Miss Buffet Froid

July 30, 2018

I usually hate the word sexy but today’s elopement shoot is unapologetically sexy, and gloriously so. Concepted by photographer extraordinaire Buffet Froid, it’s dreamy elopement inspiration with two bad ass beauties who serve up true Rock n Roll Bride spirit.

In short, we love it!

“For me, elopements are ‘une ode à l’amour’ as we say in French – an ode to love,” Buffet says. “I am totally crazy about them, because they can revolutionise the way we celebrate love and weddings – they allow you to be totally free. It’s completely up to you! As a photographer, these are really special, because you end up shooting a precious instance at every single moment. I wanted to showcase this in a new and exciting way, so chose to do a shoot inspired by my love of metal – I like the boldness, and the free and wild state of mind that this music allows for.’.

Buffet fell in love with Charline and Houari because they share the exact same inspiration as her, so shooting with them was a dream. “A good shoot for me is a day where the lovers have fun and laugh!” she explains. “Our shoot, mixing bad ass inspirations and rock with shiny glitter and minimalist landscapes, was sprinkled with class whilst also sprinkled with a childish, carefree state of mind.”

Charline wore a retro-looking dress from Absolute Vintage with a divine neckline and gorgeous sleeves for the first look, finished with some Alexander Wang boots (dreamy!). Nicolas Astruc kept Charline’s beaut orange hair wavy and tousled whilst Teva Quesada focused on smoky, dramatic eye make up – the perfect antidote to a white dress.  For a bouquet, Charline had an arrangement made of Chupa Chups lollies! Kitsch without being twee, we love how they contributed to the sweet-but-spiky look of the shoot. Houari also looked smoking in a dark suit.

They then changed it up to their own everyday style, which featured the actual boots of dreams (you know when you see some fit clothes in a magazine and are devvoed when it says ‘stylist’s own’? That’s what’s happening here right now) and some SEQUINNED TROUSERS. Oh yes team, you read that correctly – trousers. with. sequins. on. Because if you wanna elope in sequinned trousers and look this damn good with your beau, we’ll FULLY support you.

All of these beaut images were shot in gorgeous urban areas in Gard, in the South of France (and total props to Buffet for the ‘Nirvana’ signage in the background!). We love the delightfully graphic touches – as well as a wedding photographer, Buffet is a massive graphic design fan and a teacher of cinematographic photography, meaning she loves seeking out strong lines and imposing but beautiful surroundings – especially all those strong poses in the portraits. I love a strong pose, especially if you’re doing something alternative with your wedding – SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

They wanted to capture fun, tender moments that emulate what elopements should be about, and they definitely delivered. As Buffet says: “What? Where? How? Wearing what? With whom? For how long? At what price? … No more rules. The only requirement: Do only what you really like! You’re free!”