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Bowie Parties in Hobbiton Wearing Liberace Cocktail Attire


Let’s Frolic Together

December 5, 2023

With a wedding theme like that, you just know Molly and Peter's wedding is going to be anything but traditional! The couple, who really wanted to be surrounded by everyone they love and lean into everything that them 'them', for their wedding, described it as "David Bowie parties in Hobbiton" with a Liberace-inspired cocktail attire dress code, this celebration was a riot of colours, laughter, and of course, love.

Woodland Party Wedding with A Basketball Tournament, A Pop Up Tattoo Studio & the Bride in a Fuchsia Cape


The Richters

December 4, 2020

If Little Red Riding Hood was a Rock n Roll bride and got married in 2020, we're pretty sure her wedding would look a little something like this. Vero and Oscar (who were actually married pre-Covid in the summer of 2019) live in Barcelona and got married at Arborètum Mas Joan, a 12th century farmhouse where the owners' family has lived since 1710.