Classic Meets Emo: A £10k Monochrome Wedding

Nicola Mackrill Photography

December 12, 2019

Although they had a smaller than average budget, Jess and Nathan wouldn’t let that stop them having an incredible wedding. The bride loves anything modern and sleek and they were both massive emo kids, so they decided to combine these two aesthetics for their day.

They were married in Manchester, at the city council, and had their reception at Barca Bar. They also included Alan Partridge references (something they also bonded over on their first date) naming their tables after his quotes and walking out from their ceremony to Cuddly Toy by Rochford from Alpha Papa (an Alan Partridge movie).

“I made all the flowers, invites, buttonholes, table decorations and the sweet table”, Jess said. “Our biggest cost was the food and drink because we wanted a sit down meal, and the alcohol because we wanted it to be free-flowing (and it was!) We also spent £1000 on takeaway pizza for everyone in the evening.”

Savings were made on the bride and bridesmaid’s outfits as they all came from the high street. They all did their own hair and make up and they opted for a donut wall rather than a traditional wedding cake.

“The best thing about wedding planning was the excitement of the big day getting closer. I was also on maternity leave so I had lots of time to organise everything. We couldn’t have done it without the support and help of our families, they made everything come together.”