Kitsch, Colourful, Mid-Century Wedding Party

Kieran Collins Photography

October 1, 2018

Robyn and Ash were legally married in Vegas at the Chapel of the Flowers but they wanted to host a big party when they got back to Yorkshire for all their family and friends. The party had a really low key, retro and kitsch vibe, hosted at their local community centre. The flowers came from a local flower market, the cakes were from various supermarkets and the stationery was made by the bride. Instead of a fancy meal they served wood-fired pizza and the night ended with – who else? – an Elvis impersonator!

“We were inspired by our favourite Las Vegas hotel, The Flamingo!” explained Robyn. “So the party was flamingo, tropical and retro themed. We also included nods to our combined love for anything colourful and mid-century inspired.”

They spent just £1800 on the party, and made a big effort to do things as affordably as possible, “We were always conscience that we didn’t want to spend more than we could afford on our
wedding. A lot of the DIY and vintage items made everything feel unique to our tastes anyway. We are both obsessed with all things mid-century and to have Kieran from Mylo Photography come and take photos of us in our mid-century style home with our cats was perfect.”

The bride wore a vintage dress from the 1960s which she bought from Oxfam. Her veil, which complimented her retro look perfectly, was from the Rock n Roll Bride x Crown and Glory collection. “Our biggest costs were the food and photography (because everyone remembers the food!) but we saved SO MUCH on my dress! It was an original 1960s wedding dress from
Oxfam bought for £100 in perfect condition. Also our venue was a community centre two minutes away from our home and it was perfect! It saved us thousands compared to quotes from wedding venues.”

“The best part about our wedding was having complete free reign to have two huge
celebrations and getting to decide every single detail ourselves! We loved planning both days to suit things that we loved – personal playlists, Elvis, colour, pizza and lots of alcohol!”