Making Our Bedroom All Nice & Cosy with Prezola

It was so lovely to get such wonderful comments on our living room reveal post a few weeks ago (thanks to Prezola for all the amazing goodies they sourced for us!) and so I’m really excited to be sharing how our bedroom is shaping up with you today.

Those eagle eyed among you might have already noticed, but our major renovations are at a bit of a standstill right now. Being so, soooo busy with work, not having a whole lot in the bank yet still wanting to do as much as we can ourselves has has put a bit of a dampener on progress. BUT the house is totally liveable and I am extremely lucky that Gareth has been loosening the reigns on adding some extra decor items to the main rooms we’re living in (the living room, the bedroom and my office) to make them nicer spaces to be in!

Bombay Duck Berber Embroidered Long CushionBaa Stool Baa Stool Pink Cushions /  SOOUK ‘It Was All A Dream’ Print

Love Inc Neon Heart

Baa Stool Baa Stool Teal Sheepskin Rug

Our house has three bedrooms and the one we’ve chosen to sleep in actually isn’t technically the master (the biggest is the one I use as my office) but we really liked the shape and proportions of this one. Plus the original fireplace is amazing and the double sash windows are totally dreamy.

Before we moved in we took up the disgusting carpet, removed the ancient built-in wardrobe and the POLYSTYRENE stuck to the walls (apparently it used to be used as insulation before, you know, a little thing like fire regulations) and I was tasked with stripping and painting it all white (swipe to see a before shot – seriously, who the hell paints a ceiling YELLOW?) I’m still pretty darn impressed with how it turned out (yay go me!) Although we do plan to add a splash of colour to the walls in the rest of the house, we both really like a white bedroom. We both think it makes it a much calmer space to sleep in, I seriously couldn’t imagine trying to get some shut eye in a psychedelic or over-patterned room! For the same reason we only ever sleep in all-white bedding which I also think makes it feel more like a super fancy hotel room bed. It also makes the best base for more fun cushions or a throw.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not ALL about the accessories and personal touches, which is where Prezola comes in.

Nkuku Bequai Collections Box / Nkuku Bequai Divider Box / Graham & Green Diamond Wire Table Light

Graham & Green Pebble Quilt

Prezola is the perfect gift list for couples that want to add fun, quirky items to their wedding registry. You might already own the white bedding and nice towels, but do you have a neon light or some amazing art to hang on your walls? Prezola has over 50,000 products from over 500 brands such as The White Company, Graham & Green, Bombay Duck, Jo Malone, Jonathan Adler and Habitat. If you can’t find things you like with Prezola then quite frankly, I don’t know where you will!

Graham & Green Cowhide Gold Star Rug

They even now offer furniture, appliances and technology which is perfect for their new group gifting incentive. Multiple guests can contribute to any item over £100 meaning you don’t have to feel guilty for adding something expensive like a new bed or sofa to your gift list. You can add items from amazing home wear brands such as,, Dyson, Smeg, Samsung, Google Home and Sonos!

I think that Prezola is the only gift list a stylish, quirky, Rock n Roll couple should consider and we 100% would have used them if they were around when we got married 10 years ago. I mean, who really wants a gift list full of boring items when you can have amazing homeware items that will make your heart sing!? You can even add cash contributions, a honeymoon fund, experiences and subscriptions to a Prezola gift list too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a sneaky peek at our bedroom. Wasn’t Rachel the cat just the best model ever? Create your list for free right now at



  1. Jess

    I loove the all-white walls! It’s a beaut blank canvas for all the bits and pieces. Our whole house is magnolia (eugh) and it just looks so yellowy against everything else. Alas we rent and I can’t bare to spend all the time and money on whiting it out when we could be moving in a couple years (if we can scrape a deposit together that is…)

  2. amélie

    Ah I feel you: the ceiling in the bedroom I use as my office is blue, one wall is green, the other one is taupe, and the 2 other walls are covered in wood paneling… Cant wait to redo this room!

  3. Beasilee

    Does Gareth share your taste or is it something he’s happy to let you do? The fun, quirky, pink, cute stuff is everywhere so he must be into it too, right?
    My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I acquire another white candle!
    Fortunately my hatred of dusting / cleaning curtails my eagerness to buy house decor stuff beyond the basics.

  4. Post author

    Beasilee – he often needs a bit of convincing, but eventually we agree and compromise! If it was up to me it would be even more pink but luckily Gareth is a fan of colour too! He’s actually the one pushing for a multicoloured rainbow sofa when we get a new one for the front room can you believe!?


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