Don’t Want the Usual, Boring Gift Registry? Ask your Guests to Buy Your Honeymoon!

October 16, 2013


More couples than ever before are looking for alternative gift list ideas. Adding new pots and pans to a department store registry is about as exciting as it sounds, which is why so many newlyweds are opting to forgo the new linens and ask for money towards getting started in their new married life or for something they’ve always wanted but could never afford.

The whole ‘asking for cash’ thing can be a bit daunting though. Sure, there are cute ways you can do it, with poems in your invites or whatever, but the fact of the matter that asking your guests to show you the money is a bit… er… awkward.


Apart from the inherent embarrassment of asking for money, the real trouble with requesting cash is that a lot of guests really don’t like the idea of just slipping money into a wedding card. It can easily get lost in the madness of the day but also (and forgive me but) it feels a little bit gross and impersonal too. No thought goes into the gift buying when it’s just cash exchanging hands. A lot of older relatives, in particular, really enjoy the gift buying and giving process. There’s also something quite special about being able to think “Aww Aunt Mildred gave us this china and we’re going to use it forever”.

So what are your options if you don’t need more house stuff and you’ve decided you really don’t want to just ask for money?

There are many services that offer honeymoon gift lists these days, in fact I’d imagine that many of you are already considering using one of them. Because these systems allow your guests to buy a tangible gift that you’ll enjoy on your honeymoon, they also really solve any problems that some guests might have with the idea of just handing over money. So let me take a moment to introduce to you to one the market leaders, a UK based company, who have been around for over six years – Buy Our Honeymoon.


Offering a plethora of unique options to personalise your list, Buy Our Honeymoon take the honeymoon gift list idea and make it as easy as pie. You simply set up your own registry and your wedding guests can buy (or pitch in for if it’s a big ticket item) everything from breakfast in bed, meals out and bottles of champagne right up to a first class flight, a helicopter ride or a room upgrade!

Your guests choose from any of the ideas you’ve listed, and leave you a personal message. They then simply pay the value of their gift to you directly — through a one-off Direct Debit straight into your bank account, by credit card into your PayPal account, or in person on the day of your wedding.

Reader Discount

Set up costs just £55 (although they also offer a week’s free trial) and this single, one-time payment means that don’t take any commission from your gifts – if Aunt Mildred gives you £50 to put towards an amazing dinner out, you receive the full £50 (excluding any unavoidable PayPal fees of course).

But that’s not all! Buy Our Honeymoon would like to offer all readers of Rock n Roll Bride 20% off their normal fee, making it just £44, if you sign up using this link, before 31 December 2013.


So what are you waiting for? If I was you I’d get started right now!