The Wedding Gift List That Dreams Are Made Of…

May 5, 2014

Dom Perignon

When wedding gift list specialists Prezola asked me if I’d like to “test them” by compiling a fantasy gift list of anything I could possibly dream of wanting, and seeing if they could deliver it all, I thought it would be fun way to pass a drizzly Tuesday afternoon… and it was… well, until it wasn’t.

Let me explain.

I merrily click-click-clicked along, adding more and more pretty (and overwhelmingly pink!) things to my dream gift list. I looked back at it all and thought “Maaan, our house would look so good with all that stuff in it”. But then it dawned on me, I actually didn’t get to keep any of it! What a travesty!

Luckily for you though you are actually getting married and anything you add to your list may actually end up on your marital doorstep. I AM FOREVER JEALOUS.



(See my full wish list)

Prezola is a gift list like no other – why? – because you can add literally ANYTHING you like, from ANY retailer. You can even include cash contributions, experiences (I added a spa day to mine -nice!) a honeymoon fund or donations to any charity.

They publish 30,000 products on their site from over 100 UK retailers spanning 500 fabulous brands but they have over ONE MILLION items listed in their database. And (this is the best part!) if you find something elsewhere online that they don’t list, you can simply email your dedicated Personal Shopper and they’ll add it for you.

I included these cute bowls and this gradient origami lampshade from Etsy and this completely vital unicorn sprinkle shaker doing just that! I even saw this Devine Chair on Pinterest, didn’t know where it was from, and they hunted it down and added it for me. Now that’s some damn good service!

Modern Neon Hardwood Serving Bowl, CranberryOcean

Even better than all that, using Prezola is completely free, including free delivery of all your items for you and your guests, or just £29 if you also want to include cash contributions or a honeymoon fund.

So what are you waiting for? I literally can’t think of any reasons not to use them for your wedding gift list!