Abandoned Railway Station Wedding in Czech Republic

PSKS Photo

January 10, 2018

Tereza and Josef were married at an abandoned freight railway station in the Czech Republic! They had an outdoor ceremony followed by a reception full of all the things they love… and gold dinosaurs!

“The ceremony was set outside, it was really fun!”, began Tereza. “We met with our officiant few days before the wedding in a pub, we got drunk and he asked us all sorts questions about our relationship and he made a lot of notes. His speech was awesome, very personal and everybody laughed. Also, a group of our friends put blue wigs on – it was a surprise for us and another hilarious moment of the ceremony! Instead of ring cushion, we had the rings ready on a heavy metal hand from Urban Outfitters.”

The day was inspired by all the things they love, and the bride got lots of different ideas from Rock n Roll Bride! “My style is Rock n Roll. It’s not just the fashion but all my life. It is freedom and happiness and little dirt and punk. So was the wedding. We love old abandoned factories and spaces of this kind. That is why we chose the railway station, so it was industrial. We also had gold dinosaurs. They matched with my golden skirt, and by the end of the day all dinosaurs were stolen by the guests! Five days before the wedding I woke up with the idea of having gold dinosaurs at the wedding. So I visited about five shops with kids toys and bought all the plastic dinosaurs they had and then sprayed them gold. We also asked two of our friends to draw big Stegosaurus on the floor of the venue. It was fenced with police tape, so it looked like the shape of a dead body of the Stegosaurus.”

“The only blog I read was rocknrollbride.com”, she explained. !I’ve been reading it for a long time, since before we were engaged! I didn’t want to look at any others because I didn’t want to be influenced by them, we wanted our wedding to feel like us.”

Organising the decorations was the bride’s most favourite part of the wedding preparations. “Because the venue was huge, it needed huge decorations. I got like ten metal buckets and few very big vases. For the flowers I went to the nearest forest with my parents and stole (ahem) what we could. It was raining that day but it was really fun. We put it in the car trunk – it was full of wet bushes, then drove it to the venue and later I organised it into the buckets and vases and mixed it with fake peonies.”

The bride wore a skirt and top which she helped design herself, made from fabric she bought on from eBay. “Buying the fabric was actually cheaper than the shipping to Czech Republic, but it was still a bargain. Both my top and skirt were made by Czech designer Karolina Vavrova. The top was clear white at the beginning of the day, but I let all my guests write short messages on it. So at the end of the day, it looked more like some punk top than wedding top! I am so into shoes so I knew this would be the most critical part of my outfit. I found these Yves Saint Laurent SS 2015 platform sandals secondhand online. They cost about 40 euros. For the party, I changed for Melissa shoes. I decorated them with orange bubbles.”

“As a gift for my bridesmaids I bought secondhand jeans vests and decorated them with beads, patches and studs. I also made one vest for myself. I didn’t ask my bridesmaids to wear any particular dress or colour, I just told them to wear what they want with the vests.”

“For me the most significant benefit of the wedding is that all the people you love come together”, she concluded, “Not not even just on that one day, but weeks before to help you plan it. I spent lovely time with my old grandma doing the cookies and I spent a lot of time with my mum talking about the dresses, buying shoes etc. I spent a lot of time with my dad helping me mostly as a driver and I spent a lot of time with all my friends helping me with anything I needed. It is important to understand that it is not just the one day, you have to enjoy it all with the planning and preparing.”

“There is nothing we would have done differently. It was perfect. Even that one totally drunken and unprepared speech by my friend!”