…And the Bride Wore Blue

Khiria Photography

August 10, 2016


Barbora and Daniel were married at Trmalova Vila in Prague. Their wedding was inspired by the venue itself and the bride’s love of the colour blue! Her outfit consisted of a blue dress, blue fishnets and even blue streaks in her hair.


“We both are unique and alternative which is what made our wedding the way it was”, the bride said. “We are lovers of anything strange and different.”


“All my life is filled with DIY projects, so it was clear that our wedding would also be. It was one big important project. I made my crown by myself and also our invitations, cake topper and decorations. We also provided all the food.”


The wedding budget was €2500, “Our biggest cost was the venue, because it’s the best! Also the silk taffeta for my custom made dress. We saved on  the home prepared food. It was fun to make too.”