An Informal House Party Wedding in the Czech Republic

Ondřej Výška

February 4, 2020

The words ‘relaxed’ and ‘informal’ are thrown around a lot in the wedding world, but if there was one wedding that truly epitomises what that might mean it’s Kristý and Esteban’s. Married in Czech Republic on the steps of the Hora Matky Boží monastery, what followed had all the makings of an epic house party rather than a wedding!

After the ceremony they all piled on a bus and headed to a local funfair and following that there was a party in a house in the nearby village. They had a Mexican BBQ made by Esteban and his brothers , they smashed pinatas and they danced and partied into the wee hours.

“My family and I have been going to the mountain town of Králíky since I was 14 years old”, writes Kristý. “I always knew my wedding would take place there one day. I’m a history lover and the town has so much history. This region is very important to me. My passions are vintage and retro clothing and historical buildings. The interiors, the fusion of styles.”

Overall, they wanted the day to feel playful and light, without the ‘uncomfortable stuff’ or formality. “Our guests told us they enjoyed a lot choosing and wearing their outfits, they told us the wedding was unforgettable. I believe we managed something special that day. I think that everyone attending the wedding realised it was a free and simple day, missing all the unnecessary expensive stuff.”

Kristý wore a dress which was the second she tried on, 20 minutes after she started looking! The boutique she visited was closing so the dress was reduced by 80% and it was just what she was looking for. “It was €300 and exactly what I had in mind, it was incredible and I didn’t hesitate buy it. I wanted to give it a special touch so I searched for a traditionally handmade embroidered dupion sash. I found beautiful pieces on My party dress was comprised of secondhand pieces.”

They also saved money on the cake (made by the bride’s mother) the flowers and decor (or lack of) and the food. “We spend the most on food and drink but it was the most important part for us. However, we could have bought less, we had loads left over! Our advice would be – don’t copy anyone, get your inspiration from your own desires and dreams.”