Steampunk Wedding in Austria with Homemade Details

Melanie Eichenauer Photography

October 31, 2017

Sarah and Benjamin’s Austrian wedding was inspired by the 19th century science fiction theme of steampunk! The day was held at Schloß Weinberg (Weinberg Castle) in Kefermarkt. The ceremony took place outside, in the castle’s grounds.

The bride wore a dress and cape from by Sincerity. Her whole outfit was based around her accessories (headpiece, necklace, bracelet) which she made herself. She also decorated her shoes using cogs and steampunk embellishments. “Originally I really wanted to wear black as I am part of the gothic scene”, said Sarah, “but my mother was fiercely against this idea. As an alternative we came up with steampunk as a theme. ‘Steampunk is goths wearing brown’ is a popular saying.”

“In the german-speaking area of where we live, steampunk is not very well known. So our whole theme made it stand out. For us it was all the details. We paid so much attention to them that made it extra special. We think our wedding looked really authentic, and just like we are.”

As well as her outfit, the bride designed the stationery and they came up with all ideas for the decor themselves. “Except the cake and flowers, most of the details were home made. I also made 200 paper roses to go around all the decorations. These took the longest to make. They were all made of old books and it took about two months.”

One of the funniest moments was when Benjamin’s dad showed up… in a yellow suit! “The groom’s dad had said he would come in a yellow suit because he didn’t want to support a ‘gothic event’. We actually weren’t worried about it thought because where on earth would he actually find a yellow suit?  But then on the wedding day, when we were welcoming our guests, suddenly Yellow Submarine started playing and he entered in that ugly yellow suit! It caused a big laugh, and of course we didn’t really mind. It was really funny but thankfully he changed his REAL outfit shortly before the ceremony!”

“The only thing I’d change about the wedding is to have made it a two day event!” she concluded. “One day just goes so quickly and two would have given us time to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.”