The Addams Family At A Funeral Themed Wedding: Katie & Christopher

Alexis Schwallier

August 21, 2014

all black themed wedding15

Katie and Christopher dropped just $1000 on their amazing wedding. They hosted it in their own home, the bride bought her dress online and the reception décor was put together by the couple themselves. They had a bubble machine on the ceiling, costume accessories, creepy mannequins, sparklers and black silk petals. Their seating was all thrifted to save cash.

all black themed wedding17

“Our wedding theme was half The Addams Family, half a funeral”, explained Katie. “Chris and I are a modern day Tish and Gomez. We are extremely romantic with each other, and feed off of one another’s eccentric traits. We have similar taste and aesthetic, and we share a passion for the strange and macabre. So, we decided we need to match our special day with what makes us so in love with each other: our weirdness.”

all black themed wedding23

“My favorite memory was waking up in the morning and telling Chris my plans for the day”, she continued. “The first thing on my list was to paint my nails black, and when he asked me to paint his to match, I knew for sure I was making the right decision.”

all black themed wedding33

“Literally everything but the food and a few decorations we did on our own. Originally we were going to get married outside, but the weather called for rain. So we had to quickly organize and decorate a corner of the building we were having the reception in  so it would be photo ready. We nailed rope to wooden posts in the corner like a clothesline, draped black sheets and thrifted white lace table cloths over the rope for a backdrop, and scattered the floor with black silk rose petals and it worked perfectly.”

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“We saved thousands by not having a venue because we used our home”, Katie said when I asked her about their budget. “We also really killed it by having a ‘stock the bar’ party before the wedding. We ended up still having five bottles of liquor left over, six cases of wine, and at least 30 beers. If you want wine get it from Trader Joes. Nobody is going to care if it costs $3 a bottle, and if they do, well fuck them.”

“You do not have to drop thousands of dollars to have a perfect wedding”, she concluded. “Everyone at ours said it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and I am positive it was the most inexpensive.”

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