Heavily Tattooed Gothic Wedding at Home: Jesse and Chris

Sugar and Spice Weddings

November 5, 2013


Oh I do love when I get to blog both the engagement shoot and wedding of such an awesome couple. I actually don’t post too many of the former, but Jesse and Chris’s cemetery session really stood out so I just had to! I made their photographers, Sarah and Rachel of Sugar and Spice Weddings, promise that she’d send me their wedding pictures after it happened too, and I’m thrilled to share them with you all today. You’ll see why…


The wedding was held at their own home. They didn’t have a set theme, only that they wanted it to be very ‘them.’ Their colours were black, pink and purple. “Our wedding was very intimate and small”, explained Jesse. “All of our guests all have a very close relationship to us so it was very emotional and happy. We never felt so much happiness and love. The fact that it was at our home made it so intimate and everyone we loved was together at the same time to share and celebrate our love for each other.”


“We splashed out on my wedding dress”, she continued. “I wore a custom hand made by Jocelyn Weber and black pointed shoes. Chris also wore all black. It was impossible to find a black wedding dress so I had one custom made to be exactly what I wanted and to fit me perfectly.”