Tropical Themed Winter Brooklyn Wedding

Eileen Meny Photography

June 7, 2017

The cold weather outside didn’t stop Kathryn and Jeff opting for a sunny, colourful wedding when they married in February. The big day was held at Greenpoint Loft in Brooklyn. “Colour, being true ourselves, our personal tastes and great food were our guiding values”, said the bride.

The bride designed and made her own dress with help from her mum. The fabric they used was from Liberty of London. “We did our own flowers, and my mother and I made my dress. We asked a friend who’s a set designer for film and photo to design the space, which was very much worth it. We saved money on these and also by not having a bridal party.”

“Our highlight of the day was the vows and ceremony. The ritual was more moving and significant than I expected. The worst part was worrying about silly things like napkin colours!”

“Our advice to other couples would be to stand firm with what you want and don’t bother with a long engagement, get that shit done!”