An Anti-Cookie Cutter and Unscripted Wedding

Mackensey Alexander Photography

January 10, 2017


Melissa and Matt wanted a day that was the ‘anti-cookie cutter’ wedding. With vintage and bohemian influences but in a modern setting, their November celebration was relaxed and intimate with a small guest list.


“We began the day with a non-religious, unscripted ceremony which was very short and sweet” explained Melissa. “We didn’t have a rehearsal, we just organically said our vows in front of our favourite people, then went right on to cocktails! We had the open bar set up outside in the garden and the weather was perfect.”


“Our wedding was exactly what we wanted. Everyone loved it. It did take a lot of time to line everything up, which surprised us, but on the day it was perfect. For the tables I collected vintage candlesticks on Etsy and vintage stores for months. Our florist infused these, along with sliced blood oranges and gold antler centrepieces into the décor.”


The reception was held at a Pacci, an Italian restaurant in downtown Savannah. “The reception was definitely our favourite part of the day” she continued. “We had a sit down dinner in the restaurant’s private room. Everything was perfect! Great food, wine and miniature desserts. Food and alcohol were our biggest expenses but they are the two very important things in our lives!”


“Since I am not a traditional wedding girl, I saved money on my dress by looking around for something that was more ‘me’, but not necessarily a wedding gown. I wanted something with a little edge. The best thing about planning our wedding was being able to keep things simple and being able to design every aspect.”