Pretty Boho Picnic Wedding in Belgium

Boho Wedding Roxane & Pierre - Kasia Skrzypek Photographer (38)

For Roxane and Pierre, a relaxed homespun wedding was perfect. Their small ceremony was held at city hall, and they hosted the reception in the bride’s house. “Pierre and I met in Qatar, where we both work as airline pilots”, the bride began. “Everything happened very fast and after eight months together we decided to move in together. The only problem was that you are not allowed to live together without being married in Qatar so we decided to get married!”

“We organised everything in 6 months”, wrote the bride. “We wanted to do a picnic in a field very close to my house in Belgium, because it’s a place that I love and we both love nature. For that reason, everything had to be simple, especially as we both live so far away. Our priorities were having our families and close friends there, and lots of cheese, wine and champagne!”

Boho Wedding Roxane & Pierre - Kasia Skrzypek Photographer (29)

Roxane wore two beautiful lace dresses, both super affordable. Her long sleeved ceremony dress was, unbelievably, from H&M and her reception one was from Lookbook Store. “I wanted a short dress that looked simple”, she said. “I found one in H&M that I liked, but at first it didn’t feel like ‘the one’, and then I found another one on Lookbook Store. I loved both of them and I didn’t know which one to wear so in the end I wore both!”

Boho Wedding Roxane & Pierre - Kasia Skrzypek Photographer (116)

“I didn’t have any bridesmaids but Pierre had groomsmen and we decided to ask them to wear a bowtie and shorts. The bowties all came from We wanted them to look fun and casual.”

Boho Wedding Roxane & Pierre - Kasia Skrzypek Photographer (61)

They saved a lot of money by skipping all the traditions they didn’t care about. They had no bridesmaids, made their own cake and did all their own stationery and paper goods. They didn’t add any more décor items to their house (it was pretty enough on it’s own!) and the served picnic style food. They also didn’t have any entertainment, just music playing in the background. This added to the chilled out, house party vibe.

Boho Wedding Roxane & Pierre - Kasia Skrzypek Photographer (62)

“As we were getting closer and closer to the wedding, the weather was getting worse and my idea for an outdoor picnic wedding didn’t seem like it was going to happen”, she continued. “We had to review our plan and in the end we had the picnic inside! We put a big blanket on the floor in my living room and straw bales everywhere in the house. It actually ended up looking amazing!”

Boho Wedding Roxane & Pierre - Kasia Skrzypek Photographer (95)



  1. It’s funny how ‘home’ it feels looking at pictures from a Belgian field.
    Beautiful pictures and amazing wedding dresses!
    Thanks for featuring something simple yet gorgeous.


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