1960s Inspired Retro Cinema Wedding

Samara Clifford

July 21, 2016

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Bianca and Lachlan’s met over a mutual love of 1960s music, “We were both in a record store 11 years ago and somehow a very shy and introverted Lachlan made his way over to me (not at all shy or introverted) and struck up a conversation. We discussed 1960s music, our love for the Beatles, books, films and politics!”

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They were married in February this year and wedding was inspired by all of these mutual loves, but particularly the 60s and films. “We absolutely adore the 1950s and 1960s so right from the beginning we knew that the wedding would have a reflection of those tastes”, explained Bianca. “I spent hours looking online at old wedding photos from both eras which gave me the inspiration for my dress, headpiece, gloves and veil along with the inspiration for our magnificent cake!”

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“I completely fell in love with the photos of newlyweds cutting their cake- It was the one photo i wanted on the day. Samara our photographer who is an absolute magician managed to capture this moment and send Lach and I back to the 1950s!”

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The ceremony was held in a old art deco cinema which came complete with plush red velvet seats, bold carpet and a floor to ceiling gold curtain. “As soon as we set foot into Palace Westgarth Cinema, and saw THAT CURTAIN (I mean that curtain is everything) the decision was made. From there the film inspiration was born from the save the dates, invitations to the coloured popcorn in the cinema for guests to throw after the ceremony.”

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“One of my favourite moments from the day was when we both got up and sang with our absolutely rocking band (made up of musician friends who kindly shared their talents on the day)”, she continued. “I had this vision of Lach and I on stage living out our Rock n Roll fantasies. We sang Jackson by Johnny Cash & June Carter and it was so much fun! We have never played with a band before or sang together, we practised once with the band and then practised whilst in the car a week before the wedding. We really didn’t know how it would sound or if we would remember the lyrics we just know it would be memorable, and it was.”

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“The best thing about planning our wedding was realising just how much all of our family and friends love us and would do anything to have helped with the day. This is especially true in regards to our parents; namely our mothers. Their generosity was overwhelming! They went on the whole journey with us from looking at venues, attending appointments, dress fittings, being part of tastings to setting up the venue. You name it they were there every step of the way. Their support and financial generosity helped us to create the perfect day!”

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