Italian Wedding on Lake Orta Inspired by Black & White Photography

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Simona and Denis were married in Orta San Giulio, Italy. They had a traditional church ceremony followed by a casual reception on the banks of Lake Orta.

“We were inspired by black and white photography for our wedding”, said the bride. “I am a photographer and we share a passion for it so it made sense. I wore a black and white dress and our tables were named after some of our favourite photographers. Our invitations were the ‘film’ of 35mm rolls.”

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The bride’s dress came from Atelier Emé. “For an Italian wedding my dress was very unconventional”, she explained. “It was also the biggest expense in the wedding. When I tired it on I immediately knew it was the one. It was actually the first and the only one I tried. I didn’t know the price when I tied it on and initially I thought t was too much. But my parents told me to take it anyway. I wanted this dress not because it was expensive, spectacular or in fashion, but because I felt like me when I put it on.”

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“In Italy the bride usually reaches the church in a beautiful luxury car whereas I chose to walk through the beautiful medieval village of Orta San Giulio, with my family”, she said. “After the ceremony we got to the reception venue by boat, that was incredible and my favourite moment of the day.”

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  1. Risa

    Amazing. Can we do a spinoff site of just Italian weddings? What a beautiful setting.

  2. So many connections with this wedding, it brings back memories.
    I live in London now but I am originally from Italy, and my sister is not far from Lake Orta, she is in Varese.
    I love the black-and-white photography inspiration behind the wedding, (as I’m a photographer too) I like the idea of pushing the boundry and I know what Simona means when she said the dress was very unconventional for Italian standard!
    Simona, Well done for breaking the rules… Oh by the way I absolutely adore your tattoos!!

  3. I love this blog and all of your articles.

    Sometimes the brides I work with are a bit in the dark when it comes to what they want to acheive with their wedding theme, its hard for me to design stationery based on lucid ideas.

    I love that here they pushed the boundaries and it worked, it just shows that you can have a theme and add your own spin to make it personal rather than feel you have to go down the conventional route as many others do. Well done

    I will certainly point my future brides to your blogs for inspiration.


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