Italian Rock Concert Wedding & a Bride in Black: Stefano & Rossana

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Stefano and Rossana had a purely Rock n Roll wedding at Queen Brasserie, Castelnuovo Rangone, Italy. The majority of the wedding was DIY and the whole shebang cost them less than €5000! However it wasn’t all smooth sailing…

“Initially, the ceremony was to take place in a church, followed by dinner in a restaurant, but two days before the wedding there was an earthquake and we were told that the church was not accessible any more. We had also really wanted to have our meal outside but it was due to rain so we had to make a last minute change of both venues! The alternative location we chose the Queen Brasserie was our first choice from the beginning, since it was almost a second home for us. The reason we didn’t choose it initially was because we thought we had too many guests as it’s not a huge place. However with the earthquake, a lot of people couldn’t come so we had a smaller guest list and the Queen Brasserie was now the perfect size!”

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“So on Thursday morning (the wedding was on Saturday) we rushed to the restaurant and begged the owners to see if they could host our ceremony and dinner… thank God they agreed! However in Italy if you want to get married somewhere like a pub or restaurant, you have to have a legal ceremony in city hall. We did this at 8.30am the morning of the wedding wearing jeans and tee-shirts!”

The wedding has a rock music theme with the couple DIYing the paper goods, cake and centrepieces. “We love rock music”, she continued. “and so our theme was an obvious choice. Our home is full of music-themed books and biographies of the greatest rock bands and artists. Stefano plays the drums and  loves to customise musical instruments, so we said from the outset that our wedding would have to reflect this.”

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“A lot of weddings in Italy are boring, traditional and all the same. For us it had to be a party! In Italy it is also very rare to see a bride in black dress and a wedding menu made with gnocco and tigelle (traditional local food). We also wanted all our guests to feel comfortable so we asked the boys to wear the t-shirt of their favourite band!”

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  1. Ragazzi……….che giornata INDIMENTICABILE come voi due siete dei MITICI GRANDIIIIIIIIIIIII.
    baci baci baci per sempre nel nostro cuore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jill

    This couple is insanely incredible!! I adore everything about this wedding 🙂

  3. Rossana

    @Jill Thank u so much,and you haven’t seen all!!! @frenk e lellina: vi amiamo,non poteva venire meglio di così

  4. Sere

    Uno dei matrimoni più belli che abbia mai fatto….sicuramente il più originale!!! Braviiiiiiiii!!! E w le mie scarpine rock!!!

  5. Sorry about the earthquake guys! Everything still turned out wonderful. I love how they switched colors, putting the groom in white and the bride in black.

  6. Rossana

    @Andree: thank u so much for your support…the earthquake created lot of stress on us and our guests. We had been so lucky to get support from our friends and our family and we are still happy to have given back to our guests some happy and joyfull hours in those strange days. And thank you for appreciate our dresses 🙂 I’ve always said that Stefano was the real bride 😀
    @Billie Jean: thank you! we love Guns and Roses(as you see on Stefano’s t-shirt) and with our top-hats we want to pay homage to that wonderful guitarist named Slash

  7. Silvia

    fantastici!! seguo questo blog da anni e appena trovo una coppia italiana non posso che approvare 🙂 you rock! geniale l’idea di far indossare le t-shirt dei gruppi!

  8. Rossana

    Grazie Silvia!!!io ho scoperto questo blog l’anno prima di sposarmi ed è diventato un piccolo vademecum 🙂 ed è stato un piccolo sogno poter vedere i nostri sforzi pubblicati proprio qui! Grazie mille per l’approvazione,mi fa davvero tanto piacere!!! Per le t-shirt,i ragazzi hanno apprezzato moltissimo 🙂


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