Addams Family Inspired Elopement in Italy

Serena Cevenini

September 1, 2017

Diana and Jason had already booked a month long holiday to Europe together, when a friend suggested the idea of eloping. Straight away they knew it was perfect for them! Neither of them wanted a huge middle-eastern wedding (which is the tradition in Diana’s family) so their month long holiday turned into a pre and post wedding honeymoon!

Their wedding theme was Victorian chic, with gothic accents, particuarly in Diana’s amazing black dress. “We were inspired by our love for Morticia and Gomez Addams,” explained Diana, “Their love is fierce, passionate, and eccentric. They are the ultimate couple.”

Their ceremony was held in Scaglieri Castle on Lake Garda. “We arrived in a BMW to the cobble streets of Malcesine. We walked up to the castle where many locals and tourists began clapping, taking photos and kindly congratulating us. It was quite fun as we felt like celebrities! The ceremony was located on the terrace of the castle, overlooking beautiful lake. We reached the castle steps, and waited for our aisle song to begin. In Australia, the bride walks down the aisle to reach her fiancé, but in Italy, we both walked down the aisle together. It was a lovely moment as we felt it represented walking into our new journey through life together.”

“As neither of us spoke Italian, we had an interpreter help us understand. As we waited for the officiant’s words to be translated back to us, my partner simply stared into my eyes with that same look of awe he had from our very first date. After exchanging I do’s, the officiant gave us a lovely etched glass plate with our names, wedding date and the castle on it. It was beautiful. Once it was over, we walked back down the steps, where we were greeted with more cheering by locals.”

Their favourite part of their day was going back to their hotel together. “After our ceremony we went for an elegant lunch at Lefay Resort“, she explained. “But our favourite part was coming back to our hotel room, and seeing the staff brought in chilled champagne, chocolates and a thoughtful message congratulating us. It was very touching.”

As with most elopements, their biggest expense was the photography. “Capturing the day was the most important part, as it helps us share our lifelong memories with our friends and family. We spent many hours searching for someone that captures our style, and Serena did it perfectly. It is normal for loved ones to feel hurt and left out when eloping, so beautiful photos help make them feel a part of it all.”

“Keeping it a secret before the big day was difficult and also knowing our dogs wouldn’t be a part of the day was hard”, she concluded. “Fortunately there were lots of dogs we got to pat on the day, which made it a bit more special.”

Our advice for future brides and grooms is to remember to take in the moment. Weddings go very quickly, so slow down, take a deep breath, look at your loving partner, soak in the views and enjoy the experience!”