Pastel Funfair Back Garden Wedding

Naomi Goggin

November 20, 2015

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Are you ready to witness the fitness of the prettiest garden wedding ever? Well prepare yourself because Jennifer and Jordan
’s German wedding is seriously gorgeous! They were married in August at the bride’s family home.

“We wanted everything to be unique and personal so we spent a lot of time hunting for decorations on eBay and flea markets and making SO MUCH stuff”, Jennifer said. “Like most brides today, Pinterest became my best friend was a huge help getting all our ideas together. I probably had about 10 different wedding boards by the end! We decided early on that we wanted to get married in my parents’ garden so we built the wedding around that. We went for a little Alice in Wonderland vibe mixed with a vintage funfair and lots of small details. I think the wedding represented us as a couple and all things we love. Jordan and I both work in the film industry in creative jobs so we were very particular on how we wanted every tiny detail to look, almost like building a film set.”

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The couple made almost everything at their wedding, it took eight whole months of daily crafting! “We made about 350 differently decorated jars for our table decorations, my dad sawed tree slices from an old collapsed tree for us, my uncle helped us built all the four funfair booths, we made our vintage living room photo wall from scratch and decorated it with old family wedding photos from both sides. Each guest received a jar of home made vanilla rhubarb strawberry jam as their name tag, my aunt sewed the bunting from mountains of old fabrics everyone collected, and my mum and I spent hours decorating the cans that we attached to the bridal car and decorating the bridesmaids hangers with their initials. Jordan’s sister made the home made lemonade for our lemonade stand.”

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“All in all it was an amazing family effort and it made the day so special knowing that everyone’s hard work had paid off and made us feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing family and friends. Looking at hundreds and hundreds of Pinterest boards I never thought our wedding could live up to my expectations but in the end it was more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined.

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The ceremony was also held in the back garden of the house. “The ceremony was actually the most amazing part of the wedding”, she said. “The officiant did an amazing job with his speech that he wrote for us. I walked down the ‘aisle’ to an instrumental version of Elvis Presley Cant help falling in love with you played on the violin and piano. My bridesmaids walked down the aisle before me, one of them walked our miniature dachshund, Walter, who was our ring bearer.”

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“My stepdad escorted me which meant a lot as my Dad was not there with us. Jordan took a picture of me on his old Leica M6 the moment he saw me. The whole bridal party sat on a slightly raised part of the garden facing the guest so everyone could see us and vice versa. Before the ceremony started we had our guests write a word that reminded them of us on a little wooden hearts that were collected by the bridesmaids collected during the ceremony.”

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“Being able to put together a massive party for all our family and friends was the most amazing part of wedding planning”, she concluded. “It turned out exactly how we wanted it to be. It got us closer with a lot of people and showed who really cared about us too. Trying to accommodate everyone’s wishes was hard though. Having demanding guests with millions of dietary requirements and extra requests was stressful at times. We found it really hard to try and make everyone happy so in the end we just thought fuck it, if they don’t have fun that’s their problem!”

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