Alternative Backyard Wedding in Germany: Susanne & Oliver


Susanne and Oliver were married on Friday the 13th of June, in Heppenheim, Germany. Their reception was held in the groom’s parent’s garden in Bensheim. Susanne wore a flower crown, her dress was from Sincerity and her shoes, Paradox, London.


“Even though we don’t look like everyone else, we feel like normal human beings having a normal but super-special wedding,” began the bride. “Our theme was black and white and the number 13. We love the number 13, it’s our very special number so we got married in Friday 13th.”


“Our favourite thing about our wedding was hugging our families and friends. We wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.”




  1. Wow! These two are truly the most unique and brilliant couple ever! Amazing wedding and the body art on this pair is immense! Love it! Looking for my own tattoed wedding to shoot now!

  2. What an incredible wedding photographer they chose! I love these pictures and am so impressed by how wonderfully the day was captured!! and I am in LOVE with the brides nail polish!

  3. l.a.

    Jesus, I cried looking at these. How beautiful xx. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen pictures where you can so, so clearly see the love between people. CONGRATULATIONS!


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