Bohemian Fairytale Dream Wedding with Horses

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January 19, 2017

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Josefin and Dirk described their wedding theme as ‘Princess-on a Horse Fairytale, Bohemian Rock n Roll Late Summer Flower Dream Paradise Wedding’ (!) “We love the sun, bohemian style and colourful flowers” began Dirk. “We wanted a mix of this with a focus on music, horses, and the outdoors.”

“I always dreamed of a wedding with my white horse in a garden with flowers” continued Josefin, “so we just did everything we could to make that dream come true.”

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The couple actually had two weddings. They got married officially in the US in June and had this celebration back home in Germany in September. “We had a special moment for just the two of us at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, then celebrated in Las Vegas” the bride said, “but it was always our plan to have another ceremony with all our family, friends and beloved people shortly after that to make them part of our union as well.”

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The couple’s favourite part of the day was the ceremony, “My mum lead the ceremony, which turned out to be a great concept. Everybody had the time of their lives! All the guests were sitting in the garden of the manor and I rode slowly on my white horse through them while my father was singing.”

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“I was waiting for her with my horse in front of the whole group” took over Dirk. “It was so intense, literally everybody cried. We passed our wedding rings around and everyone held them and wished something for us before they came back to us. At the end we both got on our horses and rode back through the crowd while everybody was throwing flowers.”

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The biggest expense for the couple was the venue, food, photographer and fireworks. “To rent the whole premises with all the rooms and unlimited food and drinks all day was very expensive. But we knew from weddings we’ve been invited to in the past how bad you feel when you’re hungry or trapped. We also splashed out on a great photographer and fireworks, which was Dirk’s special wish for ages. It was all worth every cent! We hung up garlands of childhood pictures and prepared an empty picture frame to put Polaroids of our guests in.”

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“Our advice for future brides and grooms would be to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day the most special and memorable of your life. Only invite people that will make you the happiest couple in the world, not because you feel obliged to. Have veto rights on people, music, food and all other details. Put the happiness of yourself (and your partner) on top of the list.”

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