Casual Film-Inspired Wedding with 1950s Influences

Joanna Bongard

November 6, 2015


Amy and Rob spent just £4000 on their quirky film inspired wedding. They did a lot of things themselves and saved the pennies by making unconventional choices, like serving fish n chips for the main meal.

“Our wedding was casual, fun and a little bit vintage, with a dash of film references thrown in for good measure”, said Amy. “We also both love the 1950s so there was some influence from there as well, particularly in my outfit.  We are both big film fans so we wanted to embrace our love of cinema by including our favourite characters in the wedding invites to give a hint at what the day had in store.”


“Our local cinemas kindly donated posters which were used to decorate the walls of the reception venue, and my back catalogue of Empire magazines really came in handy as they were used to make decorations and confetti! When the guests were tucking into their food (fish n chips!) they were treated to our favourite scores and songs from our favourite films.”


“While a lot of weddings are done on a budget these days, but we think the casual element really helped make our day different”, she continued. “Rob would never have felt comfortable wearing a traditional suit, so shorts were an obvious choice. Rob also wanted to show off his tattoos (who wouldn’t?!) by having short sleeves. My shorter style wedding dress fitted into this too. I would have felt uncomfortable in big, more traditional gown.”


“One of my favourite things was our DIY photo booth. We really wanted one but our small budget simply wouldn’t stretch to hiring one. Having to stick to a budget was really hard at times! Instead, we used a DSLR on a tripod and my dad built a backdrop out of piping.”


“Our advice to other brides and grooms would be to not worry too much about trying to have a truly original wedding”, Amy concluded. “We used Pinterest, Reddit and Rock n Roll Bride for inspiration to help us find the things that would help create the perfect wedding for us. Some couples put so much pressure on themselves to stand out when you should really focus on sharing the best day of your life with your partner and your guests. Enjoy every moment of it!”