Disney Lovers’ Bruce Springsteen Inspired Wedding

Steve Wood

October 6, 2015

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Getting engaged at Disneyland Paris was the guiding force behind Steph and Greg’s May wedding. They wanted a day that reflected their love of all things Disney, without breaking the bank. They spent less than £6000 on their special day.

“Every time I told anyone what we were having at our wedding their response was always ‘That’s just so you two!’ and I think that really summed up our day”, explained Steph. “It’s not every day that you go to a Disney/ Bruce Springsteen themed wedding! We really just wanted everyone to feel like they were at a party, rather than a formal wedding, as it was really a celebration of us as a couple, and we’re not at all serious people.”

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“The table names were all Disney World rides that we loved and our guestbook was a replica of the adventure book from Up. My bouquet was made entirely from Disney World park maps! We wore mouse ears in the evening and had Mickey and Minnie on top of our cake. We also both love Bruce Springsteen so I walked down the aisle to If I Should Fall Behind and our band for the evening were a Bruce Springsteen tribute, The East Street Band.”

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“The majority of our wedding was DIY”, she continued. “We did all of the decorations ourselves, including the place names which were all ice hockey pucks (we both also love ice hockey) that I wrote each guests name on. I did plan on making bunting for the wedding but after seeing a ribbon backdrop on Rock n Roll Bride, I decided to save myself some time and made one with a banner that said ‘Ducks fly together’ on. We were really lucky that one of my bridesmaids, Lucy, has a very creative mum who made us our table plan out of an old mirror and reworked a vintage suitcase for us to put our presents and cards in. Greg, Lucy and I spent hours the day before decorating our venue and it was so nice to see it all finally come together.”

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One of their favourite moments was the first dance. “Both of us agreed that our favourite part of the wedding (aside from actually getting married) was our first dance. We’d decided months before our wedding that our first dance was going to be to a Chuck Ragan song – we’d even practised the dance in our wedding shoes – but when it came to the day though I felt too embarrassed to dance in front of everyone so we ditched it. Steve, the singer of the band came on and did an acoustic set before the whole band came on and he played the Bruce song Save My Love. When it started, Greg and I just looked at each other and got up and danced. I didn’t care how stupid I looked dancing – I’ve never been happier than I was at that moment.”

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“The one thing that I would’ve done differently would be to try and not stress out about everything a couple of weeks before the wedding”, the bride said. “I had bought my dress online pretty much as soon as we set a date, about 10 months before the wedding. Two weeks before our big day I tried it on again with all my accessories and I absolutely hated how it looked! After a lot of tears I finally found Oh My Honey and bought the Lizzie dress in their sample sale. Louise was AMAZING and got it out to me straight away, but it didn’t quite fit so I had to get it altered – fast. I only actually got it back on the Tuesday and we got married on the Saturday. Louise and Heide, who altered my dress, absolutely saved the day!”

“I spent a lot of time panicking and shed a lot of tears thinking that nothing was going to go right, but on the day everything came together and I realised that those little things didn’t matter any more”, she concluded. “One piece of advice that I’d give to other brides and grooms is to just enjoy your day! If you can, take some time to just stand back and take a look at everyone dancing, laughing and drinking with each other.”

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