A Time Traveller’s Regency Wedding

Chrononauts Photography

September 7, 2015

Time travellers Regency Wedding Germany-033

Are you ready to take a step back in time? For their wedding in Germany, Julia and Eric wanted to play homage to their favourite time period. “Since we both love history, old things and 19th century novels, we dressed up in Regency-style and asked our guests to do so as well”, said Julia. “We were surprised how creative and determined people became about creating their outfits.”

Time travellers Regency Wedding Germany-006

The bride’s dress and accessories were made by of one the bridesmaids. “Both bridesmaids tailored their dresses in the same fashion to match with each other and the bride”, she said. “The maid of honour also made the curtain for the ceremony, helped folding the napkins and creating the guestbook.”

Time travellers Regency Wedding Germany-023

“We created a family emblem which we used for sealing the invitations with. We also printed the place mats for every guest basing on an old postcard from the particular guest’s hometown. For the ceremony, we attached different kinds of small bells each to a note asking to ring them during the kissing-part of the ceremony.”

Time travellers Regency Wedding Germany-037

“We loved the dancing part of the day. I danced for five hours almost without a break and was always in company of happy, lovable people. But I loved doing our photos too, when we could be all alone, focusing on ourselves.”

Time travellers Regency Wedding Germany-101

“My advice to other couples would be to start planning early to avoid unnecessary stress, no matter what others might say”, she concluded. “Ask others for help, but don’t burden one person with too much. Make sure that on your wedding day, you don’t have to do a thing but looking good and being happy!”

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