Nordic and Game of Thrones Wedding

ZT Photography

August 24, 2015

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I have to admit that I’ve never actually watched an episode of Game of Thrones myself, but I knew as soon as I saw Laura and Paul’s June wedding that I had to share it! They were married at Meols Hall in Churchtown.

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“The inspiration for the wedding was a mix of a number of concepts”, explained Laura. “I would describe my personal style as ‘contemporary Nordic’ so I love furs, antlers, skulls, slate and wood. I think that one of the main things that made our wedding unique was ‘Dave’ our deer head. Paul and I have a number of animal skulls in our house but Dave is one of our favourites so the wedding wouldn’t have been the same without him!”

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The bride’s incredible dress was made for her by Legend Bridal Design. “The inspiration for my dress derived heavily from Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I absolutely knew I wanted leather in my dress and the heart back was a take on dragon scales. A year’s worth of inspiration and collaboration with the ladies at Legends culminated in a dress that we are all very proud of. We also tied the antler theme in to my bouquet, with material and leather flowers to add a feminine touch.”

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“We actually didn’t tell anyone about our wedding plans before the big day. We wanted everything to be a surprise so my mum didn’t even get to see my wedding dress! It was really hard to keep everything a secret from our families as we are really close but we wanted it to be a surprise. My Aunty commented ‘It was just the right side of different’. I think everyone was shocked most by my dress!”

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