Isreali Vegan Wedding

Natalie Schor

August 7, 2015

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Reut and Gidi had a few key things that wanted to include in their Israeli wedding. These were a relaxed vibe, an unusual venue and vegan food!

“We wanted something natural, genuine, simple and most importantly – that felt like us”, the bride began. “We are also vegan so vegan catering was a must. This is quite a big deal in Israel, where food is a big issue for wedding goers, and they ‘expect their steak’. Another issue that made the wedding unique was the lack of dancing. Gidi hates dancing, so we had an event where the centre is not a dance party (which is the norm in Israeli weddings) and more just like a casual get together.”

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The wedding was held at an vineyard called Karmei Yosef, a communal settlement in central Israel. “Obviously the location also contributed to uniqueness of the wedding too”, she continued. “Israeli wedding usually take place in venues that are designated for that, and not in an olive grove.”

“Our wedding was very simple and very close to nature. In terms of décor we also kept it fuss-free. We drink lots of beer in our home, so we always have loads of empty beer bottles around the house. We peeled the labels and made our own vases that were filled with flowers and were
spread everywhere throughout the wedding.”

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“Our biggest savings were on our outfits”, she said. “We spent less than $1000 total on both our clothes when the norm is Israel has got to be closer to $5000. We wore Converse shoes and Gidi didn’t wear a 3-piece suit that is expected here. Instead he went with a shirt and shorts. I wanted a simple dress but the truth is that it was not a financial decision at all. I was just a matter of what we like, what was unique and reflects who we are.”

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“Our advice to other couples is to be themselves and do their wedding the way they want. If you can, pay for things yourself so don’t owe anybody else anything. Remember the people who love you will also love an event that reflects who you are. Don’t try and make everything perfect because it won’t be. Worrying about the wedding not being perfect will only make you enjoy the whole process much less!”