Urban Garden Party Wedding in Isreal

Eyal Marilus

March 7, 2016

Lesbian wedding in Israel (30)

Noa and Revi really just wanted to feel at home for their wedding. Although their marriage isn’t legal in Israel, that didn’t stop them wanting to commit their lives to each other.

“We wanted out wedding to represent us”, they said. “The wedding was on a Friday afternoon/ night so people could come after work. We wanted to find a venue that would be special, beautiful and not pretentious. We also wanted somewhere with some outdoor space and an indoor place where we could dance all night! We chose Taylor Made, a restaurant that we both love.”

Lesbian wedding in Israel (20)

“The music was very important to us”, they continued. “Noa is a wedding DJ and has an alternative music radio show so we knew exactly what we wanted (funk, soul, world music/oriental and upper electronic beats).”

Lesbian wedding in Israel (48)

“Obviously being  a gay couple in Israel made our wedding pretty unusual but we don’t think that’s what made our wedding unique. To use it was all about keeping things simple. We love each other and didn’t need an extravagant wedding to show that. We just wanted to dance! Having a small wedding was just the best. It was so intimate and we could feel the love from every single person there.”

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