Colourful Vegan Wedding in Kent

Kerry Ann Duffy

July 18, 2015

Anita and Claudia were married at The Ferry House Inn in Kent. They wanted a wedding that reflected them both so that meant lots of colour, lots of personal touches and everything being vegan.

“We knew that we weren’t pastel coloured kind of people, we love bright colours!”, Claudia began. “We are also not pom pom kind of people, and roses are not really our thing either… So nothing that was very popular in weddings really worked for us. Instead, we simply tailored the wedding to suit us, what we felt is normal…”

“The day had a rustic and boho chic feel but it was also colourful… and vegan!” she continued. “The whole wedding was vegan, so our outfits had to be too. I had my dress made by Frederica Bruno Couture, that ended up being one of the most expensive things but it was amazing and so worth it! Anita’s suit came from The Butch Clothing Company.”

“We also had lots of friends from abroad as Anita is Italian, and I am Swiss-German, so we had to write everything and we mean EVERYTHING (invites, menus, wedding website etc) in three different languages: English, Italian and Swiss-German! It all worked out well in the end and for the wedding itself we hired two interpreters. It was money well spent and we highly recommend it to anyone who has a group of guests who do not understand English well.”

“We loved simply everything about our wedding”, she continued. “The whole day was perfect. The ceremony was beautiful and made everyone laugh and cry. The speeches were genuine, authentic, emotional, funny… I could go on. The venue, the food, the suppliers, the disco, the guests, the brides’mates’, everyone and everything was amazing.”

“There is nothing we’d change about our wedding,” Claudia concluded. “Our advice to other couples would be to not compare your wedding to anyone else’s. Forget what wedding magazines say, make it your own, and tailor it to yourself. Also, have your wedding party look after you on the day. Let them take over and you just focus on having the best day of your life!”