A Laid Back Arkansas Elopement for $2000: Brady & Sara

DuRall Photography

December 2, 2014


Brady and Sara both wanted a simple wedding that reflected their own style. They didn’t want to spend a huge amount, and their budget was just $2000, but they managed to pull it off. They kept their guest list tiny, and reused a lot of things they already owned.

“We didn’t have a lot of money to put into the wedding but that was okay with us”, began Sara. “It was laid-back, outdoors in the beautiful nature and just a freaking blast the entire weekend.”


“I wore my mother’s wedding dress that she wore in her wedding to my father in the early 1980s”, she explained. “It is also the wedding dress that my grandmother wore in her wedding to my grandfather (over 60 years ago). The dress was modified to fit my body and be a bit more modern, but it still held the vintage style as well. In my hair I had a handmade fabric flower hairpiece made by one of my best friends and her mother. It was made from extra material from my/ my mother/grandmother’s wedding dress. My bouquet was the same.”


The small guest list really saved them money, and although there were some people they couldn’t invite, they didn’t regret it. “We had some family and friends who were upset that they weren’t there for the wedding, and while we did feel very badly about not inviting them, it is difficult to decide how many guests and who to invite”, she concluded. “I wish we would have been able to invite more people, but we felt that either way we can’t please everyone so we had to make a final decision. Our friends and family understood eventually and everything is okay now.”

“I’d advise other couples to do what they want too. It is ultimately you (the bride and the groom) who are getting married, not anyone else. Don’t worry too much over the little things, be happy in the moment. And no punk or hardcore show pits the weekend before!”