Humanist Elopement in Scotland: Jessica & Dashiell


Jessica and Dashiell eloped in June at Migdale Water Mill Cottage in Migdale, Scotland. The bride wore a gorgeous vintage dress from the 1930s. “After calculating the cost of a big wedding for family and friends, we agreed that we’d be much happier spending 1/3 of the cost for a small ceremony in the Highlands”, she said. “It was simpler and more appropriate to find a beautiful location rather than to attempt to make a location beautiful.”


“We wanted an outdoor ceremony, surrounded by greens and grey, attended by wind and drizzle; very nature inspired, it was perfect! The ceremony was amazing. It was lovely to have a celebrant who outwardly enjoyed the experience as much as we did. We were married by Penelope Hamilton from the Humanist Society of Scotland.


“Our biggest expense was travel to Scotland and lodgings for us and a small handful of friends, but having a small event meant we saved a ton of money. Our advice to other couples would be that one of the top priorities should be to find a great photographer. Put in the research and spend the money! And don’t forget why you’re getting married – you are the two most important people to consider.”



  1. Melanie

    SO exciting to see a wedding by the same celebrant we will have next year. This wedding is amazing and has a similar vibe to what we are planning – makes me so excited!!!!

  2. So beautiful We want a outside wedding Im hoping the law gets changed soon. Want to do our wedding medieval style and if it was good enough for the people in past then it should still be ok now


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