A Boho, Hippie, Mexicali Garden Wedding: Kelli and Chris

Kiel Rucker Photography

December 4, 2014


Kelli and Chris were married in the bride’s father’s backyard. They wanted their wedding to be super colourful, super laidback and themed around their love of Mexico. Mission accomplished!

“I must admit, in the beginning I was all over the place with wedding ideas and styles”, began Kelli. “I wanted rose gold and pewter… then a garden theme…. then shiny things… then burlap! I had looked at WAY too many Pinterest boards and was suffering from total wedding ADD. I knew I wanted to be true to myself and have a ton of fun, but never in my wildest dreams did it even come close to reality.”


“The two people that helped me figure it all out were my BFF and MOH Marika, and my dear friend/ wedding planner Korinna. Marika owns and operates The Stationery Collection in Montecito. Unknown to me, Marika had already set aside wedding invitations chosen especially for me years prior. I cannot possibly describe how excited I was, and how relieved! The style was perfect, and once she put her own personal design spin on it I was in love. The only problem was I didn’t know what I wanted for anything else.”


“In steps Korinna, owner of Le Festin Events, fab gal pal and wedding planner. I can always trust her to give it to me straight. I began telling her about my inability to decide on a ‘look’ for the wedding, and sent her several links to gowns that all looked completely different from one another and she responded with a double dog dare. Was I brave enough to rock a traditional Mexican wedding dress covered head to toe in bright embroidery that she sent me? My head began to spin, and from that our boho/ hippie/ garden/ Mexicali wedding was born!”


One of the bride’s favourite memories from the day is walking down the aisle with her dad. “I will always remember my dad trying to make me laugh as we walked down the aisle. He knew I was about to cry so he began telling me silly jokes. As we approached the ceremony chairs he said to me ‘This is your last chance to run’. As I start laughing I look over and see my little brother (who was recording the ceremony). He had caught all the audio!”


“Another favorite memory would have to be my beautiful little flowergirls Moa and Zoe. I knew that two year-olds might not stick to the plan, but what they did was hysterical. They walked down the aisle, baskets of confetti in hand, and refrained from throwing any confetti until they got to the alter. At that point they turned their baskets over, poured everything out at once, then proceeded to play in it. This was truly a special moment because all of our friends and family could not help but laugh and smile. The family dog even joined in the fun halfway through the ceremony!”

“Just follow your heart when it comes to planning your wedding”, Kelli concluded. “Make what you want a priority. People will voice their opinions no matter what you do, but this day is yours. Everything you do should be for you, and if it is, it will be incredible.”