Face and Body Paint Botanical Gardens Wedding: Kristin & Ky

Munoz Photography

March 13, 2014

face and body paint wedding68

I have something really beautiful and unusual for you today, I just know you’re going to love it! Kristin and Ky were hitched at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Florida. Their outdoor wedding was made as colourful as possible with the addition of paint… lots of paint!

The bride wore a full face of geisha-style face paint, her dress was splattered with it (which she did herself), they painted each other as part of the ceremony and they had an artist on hand to do their guests too!

face and body paint wedding20

“Our wedding theme was just paint!”, began the bride. “Ky was a face painter when we met and I have been a long-time artist. We both love ink and paint. All of my recent tattoos are to celebrate the love of paint. We made paint our theme because it brought us together. Since we got together, I have now started a face painting company myself! It continues to be a main theme in our life and keeps us connected to each other; we love making our life a life of art.”

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“We eschewed a lot of traditions to find rituals that worked for us”, she continued. “From the music, to the ceremony, we wanted our choices to reflect who were are: science, nerdy, artist, paint-lovers. My husband is a scientist and that was a big thing in our choices. We played ZeFrank 1’s ‘Truth about the…’ youtube videos before the ceremony to make people laugh. I am a huge foodie, but Ky isn’t at all, so all the food items had fancy name tags and silly laymen names. Writing on each other’s necks to claim each other during the ceremony was particularly special to us. We’ve been told by friends that it was the type of wedding a kid would be jealous they weren’t at.”

“Seeing our friends and family get face painted at the reception was awesome. It was so exciting to be able to share something that brings us joy with so many people who’d never ever had their faces painted before. We even got the whole catering staff painted!”

face and body paint wedding38

“We spent just $5000 on our wedding”, she explained, “and my dress was only $250 from etsy! Catering was our big budget item ringing in at $3k. They included all the servers, setup, tables, decor, and were just super awesome. Every penny was worth it for the amount of hassle they removed from us. Also, they were all about having a brunch/ charcuterie event! It was great to work with people who got excited with us about our special day.”

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“My mom and grandmother did all the flowers, since we wanted something really simple. We spent a lot more time and energy on customizing our own invitations, music, and ceremony, but splurged on food.”

“We wrote our own vows and ceremony”, she concluded, “which was really special. They were about the beauty of the universe and of meeting each other at the right time. We don’t believe in fate, but we feel the awe of how lucky we are. We’re both atheists, but we still feel the magic of our natural world.”

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“During our vows, I spoke of the universe and it’s grand beauty, to which she was most certainly apart of”, Ky took over. “An occurrence that can only happen one time in a billion, happens to seven people a day, and that day, I was one of those seven. She returned to me a litany of her love, tears streaking down her cheeks as the words quivered from her red lips. I distinctly remember the world falling away, where the only two people that existed were the two vowing to be inseparable. I was lost in her.”

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