Colourful Mexican Inspired Wedding in Perth

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January 5, 2015

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Jessika and Brett’s October wedding had a small budget, but that didn’t hold them back! They were married in their local park and had their reception in the bride’s father’s back garden. Both these things saved them a lot of money and meant they could transform the spaces to fit the rainbow wedding of their dreams!

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“Our Mexican fiesta theme came about because we wanted a low key wedding with a party atmosphere”, explained the bride. “We both knew that we didn’t want a sit down wedding and this allowed us to focus our money and design efforts on the music, food, drinks and decorations. Collecting all the decorations was actually easy as it seemed as soon as we sent out the save the dates we just saw Mexican themed things everywhere we went!”

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“We also wanted to incorporate ourselves into the day. Brett loves dinosaurs and I love birds. The invitation designs are all the things that we love. We were thrilled when my dad offered his backyard for the reception, because we were becoming frustrated with the decoration, food and drink restrictions of the venues were looking at. Having a backyard wedding allowed us the freedom to do whatever we wanted.”

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“We certainly did a lot of DIY!”, she laughed. “I had my bridesmaids over for a few ‘crafternoons’ where we made all the tissue paper pom poms for the photo booth backdrop. My mum and sister in-law helped to glue them onto the board. I made the confetti holders, signs, labels and Brett made the save the dates and invitations. It was really good to have 18 months to plan and prepare. Our family and friends strung up 20 plus strings of solar lights, paper picado flags and fabric panels to decorate the marquee. My dad spent months preparing the garden. It all came together beautifully. Everyone worked their butts off setting up for two days before and then taking it all down the next day. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

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The bride wore a gorgeous dress which was made for her by her best friends mother. With it she teamed a vintage petticoat and Vivienne Westwood/ Melissa shoes. Her sweet gloves were also vintage. “My dress was my favourite thing about the wedding”, Jessika continued. “The day that we went to look at fabrics and get some ideas, I found and fell in love with a vintage Vogue pattern and the two fabrics. I was going to leave it and have a think, but then I thought if they sold out I would be devastated so I bought them all then and there. When we went to the counter the lady showed us the beaded belt and it was perfect.”

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“My headpiece, veil and earrings were by Christine Chandler who makes stunning, one a of a kind pieces. When I tried my headpiece and veil on I finally felt like a bride. She also made my beautiful earrings which matched the blue of my dress. I could see it all coming together in my head but when I tried on the finished dress I jumped up and down with joy. My outfit was everything I hoped for – unique, vintage and I felt like a princess wearing it.”

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“Finally, I love the fact that weddings can be as unique and individual as the two people involved”, she concluded. “After the ceremony we saw another bridal party having photos taken in the park. They were the complete opposite of us and still having the best day. Your day can be whatever you want it to be. We were non-traditional with our vows and we didn’t cut a wedding cake. Go with what you and your future partner feel comfortable with not what tradition or family thinks you should do. A wedding is a celebration of the two people getting married. What everyone says is true, the days flies by so take the time to be mindful and create memories that in years to come will paint the picture of your day. Oh, and invest in a good photographer!”

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