Stunning Icelandic Pagan Wedding with Lots and Lots of Balloons: Hrefna & Björn

Nordica Photography

November 18, 2014

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Is there any landscape more beautiful than Iceland? I’ve never been but Hrefna & Björn’s amazing wedding is really making me want to! Their stunning wedding photographs by Nordica Photography and Fer Juaristi might just be some of the most breathtaking I’ve ever seen. And don’t even get me started on all those balloons. Epic!

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“We didn’t want a traditional wedding”, they began. “We just wanted to have a big party for all our friends and closest family. We got GUS GUS, the most popular dance music band here in Iceland, as a surprise for our guests at the wedding. After the band, the DJs played until morning. We also had light bacon and egg brunch for everybody the day after, before they have to drive back to Reykjavík.”

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“We did a lot of DIY”, they continued. “Björn is an old graffer artist so he made big signs for the Instagram hashtag to go on, wrote the table numbers, made the guest book and wrote the schedule for the evening on a chalkboard. We also made tons of pom poms for the reception.”

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“We started the day with our friends, boys and girls separately”, the bride said. “The boys got in the hot tub! It was a long day, we partied until dawn, but it seemed like it went by in 10 minutes! Our ceremony was outside, about 100 metres from the reception venue. Everybody walked to the site together, all carrying balloons. It made for beautiful photographs.”

“Our photographers were actually one of our biggest expenses (and the band) but getting great photographers was a huge deal for us. Björn is a photographer so he searched and searched until he found Nordica.”

“One of the most fun things about out wedding was the matching tattoos that we got a few days before”, Hrefna concluded. “We both got tattoos of our wedding logo.”

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