Cherries and Jazz Themed Lithuanian Wedding: Antanas & Kristina

Kristijonas Tumas Photography

April 5, 2014

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An usual wedding theme perhaps, but Antanas and Kristina knew exactly what they wanted for their Lithuanian wedding. “The first part of our theme was cherries”, explained the bride. “Two red ripe cherries joined together, what better symbol of partnership? Red also means strong and passionate love. The sweetness symbolises happiness and the joined top symbolised commitment and togetherness. It became our logo for all of our stationery and guest favors. It was the background detail for the whole event.”

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“Secondly, we had jazz. The feel that we wanted to create for our wedding was informal, relaxed, improvised and spontaneous! We asked guests not to wear black, for the guys not to wear suits, and instead for the whole thing to be less formal! Antanas wore a black and white chequered suit with an oversized hand made bow tie and I wore a tea-length dress with fascinator, but no veil. We had no bridesmaids, only five kids that were our companions in the church ceremony. The boys had bow ties made in the shape of our signature cherries and the girls wore them as belt pins on their dresses. So cute.”

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“I got lots of ideas from Pinterest when it came to decorations”, she continued. “For example, I was carrying a bucket full of cherries on my wedding day and treated guests with them as I went along. My friend painted the bucket white and drew some cherries on it, then added a little bow. It added a great deal to my outfit and guests loved it!”

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“We absolutely loved the whole day as the guests were fantastic and came well prepared to have a good time!” she concluded. “The band suggested to us that they should play later in the evening, once the alcohol had been flowing for a while, that way more people would dance – and they were right! As soon as the band came out with ‘Get Lucky’ everybody was on their feet. You could tell people were having a great time!”

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