Fun-Filled ‘Kids Party’ Wedding: Laura & Tom

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Laura and Tom were married in Liverpool in September. They wanted a fun-filled wedding that everyone would enjoy. That meant ditching many of the traditions that they didn’t like the idea of, and only keeping the parts that they did!

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“When we first sat down to work out what we wanted from our wedding we realised that there were certain aspects of traditional weddings that, as guests, we found boring”, said Laura. “At the end of the day we just wanted to have fun at our wedding! So we skipped out the bits we didn’t like and picked the bits we did. We made a list of all our favourite things in the world and tried to see if we could incorporate them into our day. Most of all we just wanted to make sure that it was relaxed and laid-back, a lot like us.”

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“We didn’t really have a theme, we just wanted it to be fun and relaxed. No standing on ceremony or anything too formal, mostly because that just makes Tom and I nervous and uncomfortable. When we were explaining to Clair, my mum’s friend that helped us with the décor, about what we wanted we realised it was pretty much a kids party with balloons and sweets everywhere!”

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“We were really lucky to have amazingly talented friends and family who helped us with the wedding. My friend Lol created all our stationery and loads of little touches on the day from our table names to signs around the room. Tom’s family made all the bunting and my dad made the big light up L and T. On top of that we had a bake off and there were some exceptional bakes brought along, especially the huge croquembouche made by my cousins. It was built around an actual traffic cone!”

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“I pretty much had the best day ever and want to do it all again, like now”, she concluded. “Tom’s favourite bit was going out with our bridesmaids and groomsmen for group photos. Our photographer Chris made us all laugh a lot. He’s pretty mega. The only thing I regret is not having a videographer too. There is so much I just don’t remember properly. When people tell you it goes by so fast it really really does.”

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  1. Georgia

    Oh my gosh. The photography is out of this world. Amazing!!
    Especially Image 40 of 66, very Wes Anderson 😉

  2. dad

    I always
    Knew it was going to be something special but it was way above all my expectations,anything that can make me cry has to be good.but I was going to cry any way.just a fabulous party,Will wait a long time to better it,if ever.
    love you both xxx.


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