Retro Rockabilly Red & White Wedding

Chloe Lee Photography

January 5, 2024

Drew and Amanda’s rockabilly, vintage-themed celebration was a perfect blend of cool, quirky, and unapologetically unique. They wanted their wedding to echo their vibrant personalities and love for a good time.

“I had seen so many cool weddings on Instagram, Pinterest and Rock n Roll Bride, that we wanted our day be really quirky and laid back, too”, Amanda told us. “All of our friends love a party and a drink and most of the guests were mutual friends. For this reason, we just wanted it to be fun and to have all of our favourite people in once place. I really think we achieved this, everyone said what a brilliant time they had.”

Drew and Amanda embraced their non-traditional style by allowing bridesmaids to choose their own red dresses, and their menu featured Drew’s favourites – curry for the main meal and pizza and chips in the evening! The couple skipped the first dance, but had the band play Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet first to get everyone on their feet. Another unique highlight was the temporary tattoo station, a first for their venue. “This went down really well with the kids and adults”, Amanda shared.

The couple also infused their wedding with many handmade elements. Amanda took charge of the bride and bridesmaid bouquets, enhancing store-bought bouquets with themed ribbons. Wooden stick wands with ribbons entertained the younger guests, while Amanda’s sister contributed by creating bunting for the card box and another friend made the cake. To add a personal touch, they named their tables after mental health-related medications, a nod to both of their work in the mental health field.

In the end, Amanda expressed no regrets about how they did their day because it was a true reflection of their personalities. “We spent two years planning so I didn’t get stressed as everything was slowly done along the way”, she said. “I even found the table plan pretty easy as most people that came knew each other and so it was easy seating people. I think I am lucky in this respect though as weddings and table plans can cause a headache! I genuinely enjoyed the whole process and didn’t find anything stressful other than finding the money!! I think I am lucky though as I know wedding planning can be extremely stressful. I think the key was in planning it over a long period of time.”