Detail Heavy Very Vintage Wedding: Jake & Pixie

Ed Godden

July 30, 2014

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Jake and Pixie were married at the fabulous Lyde Court in Hereford. They took that space and transformed it! Two years of wedding planning meant the couple had plenty of time to collect and create all the little details that went into their beautiful reception space.

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“We both love vintage things”, explained Pixie. “I am a photographer and graphic design and love vintage creations. I love collecting objects and rummaging through charity shops. I love the fact that they have been used before and all have a story. I also am a bit mad and love crazy stuff, so decided to go with a vintage style mad hatter’s tea party for our wedding. My collections were everywhere!”

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“So I collected, hunted down, made, created, drew, wrapped and painted for TWO YEARS to style our wedding. Each table was a different theme. We had a music table, a camera table, and a trophy table. We hung umbrellas from the ceiling, had vintage suitcase full of flowers, love quotes on mirrors, and our wedding cake was on vintage dresser. We had blue willow china, personal vintage letters and lots more! We made an outside lounge for the band to perform in front of and we had wheelbarrows of beer for our guests.”

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“My favourite part was the umbrellas”, she continued.”I’d dreamt about it for two years and it was just perfect. Totally worth hunting them down for. I also loved the different themed tables as each one had meaning to us. The camera table was because I am a photographer and the trophy table because Jake is a rugby player. Having our dog there was amazing too!”

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Pixie wore a gorgeous Claire Pettibone dress and Jake was in a custom made suit from Individual Tailoring. “We splashed the cash on my dress and Jake’s suit”, she laughed. “However all the bridesmaid’s dresses were hand picked from charity and vintage shops. We also saved money with the cake, which was made by Jake’s mum and all the design work which I did myself. Instead of hiring items we also spent the time to hunt for them ourselves.”

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The video, oh the video! So good…